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Batu Bacan Lunyuk Sumbawa Bergambar Wajah Manusia / Stone Agate Bacan Lunyuk Sumbawa "Face Silhouette"

Stone Agate Bacan Lunyuk Sumbawa "Face Silhouette"

Remarkable ..., Not long ago discovered the Arkenstone types Bacan Lunyuk Sumbawa Illustrated Human Face, and use black earrings, her picture has been uploaded to the internet some time ago.

If you look carefully, the Stone Bacan Lunyuk Sumbawa fleeting black striped green, Tosha part of its green color. form a silhouette image of human faces that looked from the side, and wearing a black earrings .....

Perhaps you Gemslover anyone is interested ... please follow the news, because of the possibility of the owner of this rock, will release at a fair price .... because as a comparison only, other agate stones are found in Indonesia, which claimed to resemble a human face, although not similar, priced at billions of dollars ....

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Minggu, 24 Januari 2010



Location and history
Bedugul is a place of mountains, lake Beratan lane which includes the region of Tabanan regency. Villages around the lake there are signs Park, Mount Mungsu, Candi Kuning, Kembang Merta and is situated on the edge Pancasari highway department Beratan lake edge Denpasar - Singaraja. Beratan Lake is a large lake and is the second lake after lake Batur throughout the island of Bali. Lane to the east and north of the lake are high mountains and the forests - forests that broad and wide. Sedangklan lane south of the lake there are hotels in Bedugul who stood at the edge of the lake. The distance from Denpasar, Bedugul is 47 km, and can be reached by car, bus or a motorcycle.

Mountains of Bedugul is a beautiful natural scenery, the lake area and the water was calm, so very well be the yacht with the speed boat ride around the lake Beratan, as I see the forest - the jungle east and north edge. Valley - the valley lane was also added at the beautiful scenery around the lake. At Market Hill Mungsu, many people sell vegetables - vegetables, fruit - fruits and various flowers. There can also be found inns, hotels, bungalows, and restaurants with a variety of other facilities are already available. Cold air conditions there, and often foggy. Each holiday Bedugul usually more crowded and often visited by tourists, both domestic tourists and foreign tourists. Besides we can hire a boat, we can also hire a rowing boat, so we can paddle alone or can also ask for assistance from rental manager puhak boat. Thus we can more freely enjoy the natural scenery Bedugul area more beautiful and give the impression that means when we will leave these areas, we make for unforgettable memories.

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